CalSPAC November 2016 Update


Thank you for your “There Ought to Be a Law” submissions!  Many of the ideas brought forth by Junior League of Oakland-East Bay were top contenders for potential sponsorship by CalSPAC, so thank you for being empowered to speak up with your ideas and make a difference in our world!  Currently, CalSPAC is researching/considering sponsorship of legislation related to the following ideas:

  • Safe Harbor Law: CalSPAC is working to extend the current window for relief from child abandonment charges for parents turning children over to safe harbor organizations. The current legislation limits the window to 3 days and CalSPAC is looking to extend the window to 30 days.
  • Financial Literacy & Foster Youth: CalSPAC is researching legislation that would require/provide financial literacy training to youth transitioning out of the foster care system.

We are seeking potential partnerships with other nonprofits, co-sponsors, and other resources.  If you have any ideas about potential partnerships or would like to get involved in the research process, please reach out to