State Public Affairs Committee

Founded in 1971, the state Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) is a non-partisan statewide education and advocacy organization comprised of 16 California Junior Leagues. It is responsible for promoting voluntarism and legislation favorable to its member leagues' community projects. All advocacy efforts are targeted to legislation within four focus areas: Education, Family Support, Health and Violence Prevention. SPAC represents over 10,000 voting women throughout the state.


SPAC’s advocacy efforts are targeted to legislation within the following four focus areas, which reflects the focus or issues-based areas of the 16 participating Junior Leagues of California.

Education: ensuring that all children and young adults receive educational opportunities that are developmentally appropriate, increase achievement, and lead to workplace marketability.

Family Support: advocating for programs and policies that promote the physical and emotional well-being and self-sufficiency of all families.

Health: advocating for better access to quality health care, including prevention and treatment programs that will improve mental and physical health of our community members.

Violence Prevention: addressing the impact of violence in our communities through protection, prevention, intervention and education.

SPAC also advocates for legislation in the following mission-related focus areas:

Human Trafficking: SPAC is committed to ending human trafficking in all its forms. SPAC supports policies and programs that stop human trafficking, advocate for victims, and educate the community at large.

Members of SPAC: 

  • Advocate for specific legislation relevant to member league issues;
  • Educate Junior League members about advocacy and public policy; and
  • Coordinate the exchange of information from community-based projects to policy makers          

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What is JLOEB's Public Affairs Committee working on now?

The primary role of the PAC is to provide education and training opportunities related to the JLOEB impact area - Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) - and the four supporting guideposts: food, clothing, housing and jobs. A secondary role, for PAC is to partner with the JLOEB SPAC delegates on initiatives that promote the knowledge of state and governmental projects, relative to, and benefiting East Bay communities served by JLOEB and local community agencies.

What is California SPAC working on now at the State level?   

SB 738

SPAC is a co-sponsor of SB 738 relating to sexually exploited and trafficked minors, authored by Senator Leland Yee (Senate District 8, San Francisco). This bill will create an interagency workgroup to develop a comprehensive state plan to serve and protect sexually exploited and trafficked minors, as well as provide cultural and sensitivity training relating to human trafficking to group home administrators, licensed foster parents, and kinship providers. SPAC will continue working and advocating for the bill’s passage in 2014.


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Who Represents You?

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer

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