A sustainer is a former active member who has completed at least six years of active service to the Junior League of Oakland-East Bay (JLOEB) and wants to continue supporting the goals and values of the League. While sustainers are not required to attend meetings, hold a placement, or purchase tickets to fundraisers they can continue to participate in supporting the League by being a Sustainer Director on the Board of Directors, serving on the Sustainer Committee, providing leadership training, hosting meetings, mentoring leaders or by assisting a committee or placement with their advice, expertise and experience.

There are different dues levels for Sustainer membership based on age:

  • Sustainer $150 (Eligible after six fully-placed active years)
  • Sustainer Star $100 (Age 65 and over)
  • Sustainer Emeritus $0 (Age 80 and over)

Updated February 11, 2024 for the 2024–2025 League Year. 

Thinking of Becoming a Sustainer at JLOEB?

If you are currently an active member that meets the requirements to become a sustainer, please email our office at If you are currently a sustainer member in another league and are interested in transferring your membership to JLOEB, please email or call the JLOEB office at (925) 284-3740.


About the Sustainer Committee

The Sustainer Committee is the leadership body that represents the JLOEB sustainer membership. The Sustainer Director leads the Sustainer Committee and is part of the JLOEB Board of Directors. The Sustainer Director in conjunction with the Sustainer Committee develops and implements all sustainer-related events, activities and communications.


Lillian Fletcher Nichols Sustainer of the Year Award

The Lillian Fletcher Nichols Sustainer of the Year Award showcases outstanding Sustainers who are role models for all other members in transitioning their Junior League training and experience into the wider community. The Sustainer of the Year award was created in 1982 to encourage more connection with our  Sustaining members. It was named the Lillian Fletcher Nichols Award in honor of Lillian, the second President of the Fenton League (predecessor of Oakland-East Bay).  Lillian led the completion of our application process to become a Junior League.  She also was the perfect role model for women who not only serve the Junior League but also — and importantly —  take their Junior League talents out into the community.  She served as a Trustee of Stanford University for thirteen years and was a prominent figure in many other Bay Area civic affairs.

Click here to see the recipient list.