JLOEB’s Giving Tuesday Results 2022

Dear Junior League Community,

I am thrilled to announce we surpassed our Giving Tuesday goal of raising $2,000 and raised a total of $5,600 to support valuable East Bay programs, many of which target homelessness.

As the fund development team lead, I worked together with an army of chefs to create the perfect recipe for our fundraising “soup.”

Special thanks to my team members Chalon Rogers, Akilah Crossdale and Ashley Deluce for sourcing and chopping “content carrots.”

A big thanks to our storytellers Molly Kreuzer, Andrea Vollmer, Nicole Cox, Leslie Fisher, and Elizabeth Ervin for giving some flavor to our soup with compelling stories and elevator pitches.

Ericka Nicholes, as the league president you gave members the space to cook up new ideas. Thank you for your support of our live q&a experiment.

Marketing team, Trish Sagare, Alena Le Blanc, Thelma Andree, and Katrina James, you are the heat that cooked the soup and put a pretty bow on it. Thank you for making our recipe easy to eat.

Ericka Ames and Lisa Parker, thank you for your help taste-testing the soup, with your review of emails and QC of the hosting platform.

And finally, we can’t forget to thank the league members and the community at large. You are the broth, the main ingredient of the soup! We could not have done this without you.

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign, we hope to see you again next year!

Best wishes,
Kaitlin McCroskey
VP Fund Development