New Member Responsibilities

Annual Dues:  $235.00 (Sept. 14, 2016 / Jan. 18, 2017)
Done in a Day:  Complete 2 shifts
Training:    Encouraged
Signature Fundraiser Shift:   Complete 1 Shift
General Meetings:    Attend a minimum of 3 meetings
Orientation Meetings:  Attend 3 orientations.
 Orientation #1 held in September and January
 Orientation #2 held in October and February
 Orientation #3 held in April
JLOEB Placement:    Placement on committee after orientation #1
Dues for upcoming year:    $220.00 (Due March 31, 2017)


General Notes

  • Members are encouraged to attend all General Meetings and JLOEB events.
  • Only membership-approved fundraisers qualify for shift credit. Examples include: Chocolate Indulgence and other fundraising (Ways & Means) events.
  • If you are unable to fulfill a shift or training for which you have signed up, it is your responsibility to contact the event chair at least 24 hours in advance and/or find a replacement to fulfill your reservation.