The Value of Celebration

Let’s end our year talking about the value of celebration. It’s a time for acknowledging the work that has been done and reflecting on what went well. It is an opportunity to be thankful. We can be thankful for the opportunities the year presented, the people we worked with, and the objectives we achieved. Celebration in JLOEB is officially in May, but I think we should carry the value always. It can help us remember what is good about our work and, also, help us focus on the end game. JLOEB’s end game for this year is improving family self-sufficiency in our communities. And we have done that – you have done that. As a member of Junior League, you have partnered with agencies that have touched on remedying hunger, joblessness, lack of clothing, and homelessness. These are big problems in the Bay Area, but your efforts make a difference in individuals’ lives.

The new theme is “Start a New Story.”After last year’s theme of leveraging our past and hope for our future, where the league benefited from our sustainer mentors and developed a strategic plan, we are now setting out to execute that plan and change the trajectory of our League. Along with all the objectives and tasks, we will be looking for the meaning behind the work and crafting the story for our future. Plans include:

  • Retelling JLOEB success stories meant to inspire us all,
  • Implementing year one of our new Strategic Plan,
  • Conducting community and membership assessment to better match opportunities with individuals,
  • Exploring ways to improve member obligation flexibility,
  • Offering familiar and new fundraisers
  • Deploying a presidential communication strategy to continue transparency with league membership.

I’d like to close with a story about why I continue to serve JLOEB. I kicked-off this League year declaring that I love the League. And it’s true. I believe it is a wonderful place to see women grow, work on a team, and give back to the community. My first active year cemented Junior League’s place in my heart. I was the DIAD chair, and an opportunity arose for us to partner with Building Futures, an organization that aids victims of domestic violence and homelessness. I led the League through a series of DIAD shifts to complete a radical room makeover for them. JLOEB created something beautiful in a shelter for women and their children. I worked hard on that project, and seeing the impact changed my life. It taught me that by focusing on the Junior League values, the mission, and the work, I could overcome any circumstance.

You have my deep commitment to serve the League well for another year. Over the summer, leadership and I will plan and work through the committees to hit the ground running in September. I am looking forward to a year with renewed vision (We are women building better communities) and focus as we help agencies supporting women and children. I am also looking forward to working with you. Together we will make an impact.

The president’s blog will resume in August.